Gramophone Transmissions

A bit of a left turn from the debut album.  I was sick of synthesizers by this point, so no synthetic sources were used in the composition, just samples upon samples of real recordings.  In contrast to the previous album it came together fairly easily, and gets to the point a little more readily.  As before it’s quite varied, the first half is fairly light an easy, while the next half is more foreboding and mysterious.  I sat on the recording for nearly 2 years before deciding to release it, as it needed to ‘digest’ it for a while before deciding to release such a different-sounding album to the world.  Michal Karcz did an incredible job on the artwork and layout, and stands out as probably the most lovingly created art ever committed to a CDR release! Seriously, even if you don’t like the music buy the CD just for the cover!